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12 Solar Energy for your Home and Business
6 Smart environmental choice, but now is a smart financial investment as well! Prices on solar are rapidly coming down. Imagine the possibility of never having to pay an electric bill again The list of applications powered by solar energy is growing by a minute..> Read more
10 Green Products that Save Money & Help the Planet
3 Why not to switch to green products that are not only better for the environment but at the same time can save you quite a bit of money.  It's a no brainer decision once you see them.
>Read more
Power Generation Solutions
6 Power shortages and interruptions are huge problems! Green Power Worldwide (GPW) can solve these problems. We provide Customized Power Generation solutions based on new and refurbished Gas Turbines. Power range is from 1 MW to 50 MW or more as desired for some special cases.> Read more
10 Sustainable Way of Living and Farming
3 The Green Dream Farm is a model of an integrated, ‘zero-emission’, ‘zero-waste’ highly productive farm that maximizes the use of renewable energies and turns ‘wastes’ into food and energy resources.
We also sell separately different products for Sustainable Way of Living & Farming. For example, very affordable Digesters for local Biogas production.       > Read more
9 River Kinetic Hydropower Technology

River Kinetic Hydropower is dam-less hydropower that is converted from energy found in the flowing water currents of rivers. Note: This project is still under development and we are not taking orders yet.