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Foldable biogas digester
6 It is foldable. No matter its actual holding capacity is 6m3 or 100m3, it can be folded and packed in a small carton box for long distance transportation      > Please inquire
16 Foldable biogas digester
6 Small prefabricated foldable biogas digesters with holding capacity varying from 6m3 to 15m3 are particularly designed for rural residents and small farm owners, and end users can install the biogas digester on their own with our Owner’s Manual at hand..     Please inquire
12 Biogas digester
6 Our prefabricated foldable biogas digesters are made of aerospace composite added with special additive, and produced with advanced welding technique.   Please inquire
14 8m3 domestic biogas digester 
8m3 domestic biogas digester is right for farmers in rural areas       .Please inquire


10 200m3 biogas plant
3 This 200m3 biogas plant is built to process dung and other organic waste produced from a pig farm raising 1,000 pigs. Please inquire
10 800m3 biogas plant
3 This 800m3 biogas plant is designed to be free of climate impact.       Please inquire
9 1000m3 biogas plant

This 1000m3 biogas plant is designed to work automatically at a low cost.    . Please inquire